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Registration Information

Registrations for the 2020 Great Gatsby Rally are now
Please read Note 1 below before... 
....you click here to download your Rally Registration Form.
Please click here to see the Full Package & Weekend Package Options.

You can then either
NOTE 1: After clicking on the download link, you can fill the form direct into the boxes on your computer.|
Start with the very first box on the form , add your details then tab button to the next box - hopefully this will ensure nothing is missed out. 
"Save As" and then email as an attachment to the Rally Registrar:  rallyregistrar@nsw.rroc.org.au 
Or -print the form and fill in by hand, scan and email - or post to us.
Or - a printed copy will be in the next Praeclarum.

Cancellations on or before 12th April 2020 will incur a $100 Administration Fee per person. 

Refunds are NOT possible for cancellations on or after 13th April 2020. 
or failure to attend a pre-paid event or function.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this matter.

Note: Thursday afternoon event to 
Blandford Cottage is now
Booked out.